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VA Goa SpaceTime By Nova Fractal

by Various Artists



VA Goa SpaceTime By Nova Fractal [timewarp039] (Timewarp Records) <- Buy Here <- Full Previews <- Facebook

Title: Goa SpaceTime
Artist: V/A by Nova Fractal
Label: Timewarp Rec Records
Catalogue: TIMEWARP039
Format: 2 Panel Jewel Case 2CD
Barcode: 881034134028
Release: December 2015


CD1 - Space
01 - Centavra Project - Space Flight
02 - Nostromosis - Good Morning Crimea!
03 - Ephedra - Friday Cosmos (2014 Edit)
04 - Lucid Rainbow - Dreamers Choice
05 - PowerSource - Vorlan (InnerZone Remix)
06 - OXI - Haphazard Dance
07 - Sky Technology - Terraformation Alien Planet (From Darkness to Light Version)
08 - Fiery Dawn - Cosmic Ascension
09 - Sky Technology - Metamorphose

CD2 - Time
01 - Spectrum - Rabona
02 - Ion Vader - 0056 AM (feat. Jim78)
03 - Siam - Dolphins in Space
04 - Lectro Spektral Daze - Little Green Men
05 - Tavi - Outside the Solar System
06 - Cactus Arising - Space Travelling
07 - Proxeeus - Collapsing Cosmos
08 - JaraLuca - Andromeda
09 - Morphic Resonance - Epsilon Aurigae (Remix)

Release Notes:

Seldom has the trance scene been treated to such a fine collection of classically melodic energy infused GOA TRANCE. This one is for the collectors and new fans alike! Nova Fractal opens up the Timewarp once again this time using his brand new GOA SPACE TIME vortex modulator. This device tunes the sub-space frequencies to create a harmonic gateway through all realms simultaneously, allowing formerly never before heard sounds to emanate across the multiverse coalescing into specially primed data crystals awaiting each exquisite inter-dimensional tuning code. These have been saved and collected and presented to you, dear listeners, so that you too may open your own SPACE TIME portals and enjoy this unique moment in time repeatedly through each universe you encounter and for the betterment and collective evolution of each community that you discover. Share this special sonic message of hope, love, and most of all WILD PARTY ENERGY as we congratulate our souls for manifesting at the exact right TIME and in the exact right SPACE for this perfect life adventure that awaits each one of us that have bravely stepped up for the mantle of physical incarnation. Contributing to this maiden voyage are many frequent travellers on the Timewarp Express, but also a cadre of new space pilots ready to ply their trade at the helm of the cosmic navigation device. Look for special creations tuned just for this revelation from exotic and rare elements such as Centavara Project, Nostromosis, Ephedra, Lucid Rainbow, PowerSource… yes I said Power Source, remixed by InnerZone! Oxi, Sky Technology with a track that has a very long name, Fiery Dawn and again another wicked Sky Technology track because his tracks are awesome. Then on to the second part this time with Spectrum, Ion Vader featuring Jim78 (not Jim69), Siam riding his Dolphins in Space, Lectro Spectral Daze aka LSD summoning again his favourite “Little Green Men”. Tavi takes us to his favourite places “Outside the Solar System”, and of course Cactus Arising is encountered “Space Travelling”. Proxeeus discovers the “Collapsing Cosmos”, and JaraLuca leads us deep into “Andromeda” and out past “Epsilon Aurigae” presented by Morphic Resonance resonating a new mix from the fresh hot space crystals that are still vibrating with all that energy, thanks to our dear fans who have been channelling to us all year giving us the power and inspiration to share this brand new masterpiece that you have all been patiently waiting for. With love and magic we give you GOA SPACETIME.

Label Profile:
Timewarp Records focuses on classic retro inspired goa trance co-managed by Nova Fractal, Random & Dr. Spook. Expect some out of this world music light years ahead of its time, get ready to enter the Timewarp.

Compiled by Nova Fractal
Mastering: Igor Čeranć aka Deimos
Distribution by Psyshop & Geomagnetic Distribution
(p) and ©


released January 5, 2016



all rights reserved